Wednesday, 16 May 2018

CASING Lots Of Lovely

I've been hoarding a pack of the Whole Lot of Lovely DSP since I very first saw it. I think it was the sheet (shown on the left in the picture below) which caught my eye. 

This is ridiculous, I told myself, I need to let my ladies use this! Fast forward to last months Just For Fun and we finally cut into the precious paper! Along with the Lots of Love stamp set, we CASED the catalogue.

We made 5 cards (switched the designs for the treat bag and box into card fronts)
Funnily enough, the card which had first attracted me was the one I was least pleased with once I'd made them up!
Here are the photos...

I think the two we switched didn't come out too badly, especially the spotty one!
Don't forget that our catalogues are a great resource, not just for buying goodies (hard to resist!), but also for ideas. In fact, when I first joined Stampin' Up! it wasn't referred to as simply a catalogue but as our Ideas Book and Catalogue. Whether you do a straight forward CASE** (copying exactly) or change up the idea, they are super handy to have! Our new one is launched in June - if you'd like your own paper copy then contact me, I'll be happy to get one out to you!
**CASE stands for Copy And Share Everything
Have a crafty week,
Lesley x

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Wonderful WOW Swaps!

Today I'm sharing the WOW swaps that I received at our Onstage event. Again, as I did with the Fairy team swaps, I won't leave comments, just the name of the creator. They are all so very talented!

Bridget Metcalf

Rebecca Willmore

Elaine Higham

Cary Buckham

Jan Twinks

Kim Fee

Emma Goddard

At the moment I'm unable to share Pauline's and Charry's but I'll post photos as soon as I'm able!
I hope these wonderful swaps have fuelled your imagination to go create!
Happy crafting!
Lesley x

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Birthdays And Thanks

Will I ever catch up with the birthdays? I really don't think so! I have a lot to make, particularly in April and May.
Here are a couple from April which were made for friends.

 The same technique, of which I am rather fond, was used on both. Highlighting areas of stamping and/or embossing with white. Sometimes I use a pencil, here I've used a gel pen.

The front of this card has been cut into an aperture and the stamped, embossed panel attached to the inside of the card as shown here.

Wasn't too happy with this one - started off as a great idea but the black didn't seem black enough to me...

We recently made a card at our Coffee & Card session which, though simple, I really liked. As I had so many thank you cards to make this month I used the design to make those too.

The stamp set is Beautiful Day. Coloured with our Stampin' Blends, there is fine thread behind the rose and butterfly. Gold on the rose, silver on the butterfly. I'll be sorry to see those tiny epoxy stickers retire, love the dew drop effect they give on the rose petal.

I'm pleased to say that these thank you's all finally went into the mail! Not before time!
I hope you're better at keeping up than I am. Either way, it's good to craft!
Have a great weekend,
Lesley x

Onstage - Gifts & General Swaps

Onstage is a time for socialising, sharing and, sometimes, for gift giving.
I was so very fortunate to receive both gifts and general swaps (as in, not an organised or team swap).
Here is the gift and card I received from my Upline, Natalie.

All beautifully decorated - stars in evidence, of course! We are her Stampin' Stars team!

The handmade box contained a super notebook personalised to our star sign.

The card matched perfectly! Nothing like a coordinating set!

Pretty packet from Fiona Whitten

Inside is a wee hanging decoration which has our Statement on the Heart on it.

Stylish wrist purse from colleague and friend, Sue Bridge. Poor girl has to sit with me at the event!

Inside is a pretty glazed 'pebble'...

With a sweet phrase on the reverse -

 A surprise from my Liverpudlian buddy, Carole Bryson                                                                                                                                                                                                   

A pretty tealight burner and tealights - so many that I think she's preparing me for a power shortage!

A sweet little wallet from Sue Bridge


Inside is a relaxing bath tea bag

Funky packaging from Andrea Nichols

Hidden inside is a sherbert fountain. Well, THAT won't last long!

Even the reverse is decorated!

Surprise from Chris Turner

Chic handbag from Yvonne Bevan, loaded with a survival kit

An elegant self closing box by Ann Yates

Smart concertina peek-a-boo card by Gill Moore

Pretty flowers on a card by Mandy Sullivan

I think you'll agree that I was very spoilt with these lovely gifts and swaps!
I hope you've enjoyed me sharing these today. Do stop by again soon.
Lesley x

Friday, 4 May 2018

Fabulous Fairy Swaps!

I was fortunate to travel up to our Onstage event with a wonderful team of ladies - the Fairies, and their team leader Kim who is a lovely friend of mine.
The team always prepare swaps for each other and this talented group included me too!
I received some fabulous swaps and I'd like to share them with you. I am not going to comment on each one because they were all such a delight to receive! Instead, I will just add each persons name next to their creation.
Be warned - this is a picture heavy post!!!


Elaine Higham

Susan Hysslop

Sarah Lower

 Chris Turner

Mandy Sullivan

Elaine Kerr

Linda Kasparian

Lesley Gillett

Bridget Metcalf

Susanna Tolkien

Rebecca Willmore

Jan Twinks

Kim Fee

I think you'll agree that I was definitely spoilt with the amazing swaps I received.
I hope that you've enjoyed me sharing them with you.
Have a good week,
Lesley x